Monsoon Migration

Every year during the monsoon season Apis dorsata colonies disappear. Similar to the butterflies they migrate to avoid the rains and seasonal declines of food sources, i.e. flowering plants. Animal migration is fascinating phenomenon: How do the bees know where
to go? Do they go to the same places every year? How do they find their
nesting sites in Bangalore?

Although we know that they leave at the beginning of the monsoon and come back after the monsoon season, we do not know where they go and how far the travel. On this site we want to collect and present information that will help us to identify the where the colonies are going. If we know their destination, we can start to trace their migratory path. And if we know that, we might find out how they do it?

On this site you can follow our expedition to unravel the migratory behavior of the Bangalorian Apis dorsata colonies.